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Many people don’t enjoy spending money on insurance. Car insurance is a legal requirement and can sometimes feel like a financial burden which is one reason people like to shop around for the best deal.

Anyone who has had to make a claim on their car insurance is more likely to appreciate the benefit and may subsequently start to look more closely at what they are buying to make sure they receive the best care when they need it most.

Car insurance comparison sites know this which is why a few years ago they started to display some of the key features like courtesy cars, protected No Claims Discount and add-ons like breakdown and legal cover.

Instead of thinking, ‘I’ve got to spend £300 on my car insurance this year’, consider this line of thought:

‘If someone claims against me after a car accident I’m going to have access to up to £500,000 of legal protection to cover compensation and it’s only going to cost me £300!’

It’s a bit more positive and makes you feel good about what you buy.

I’ve been reviewing other types of insurance and started to see them in a different light.

Take life insurance for example.

I recently helped someone with medical problems get cover of £500,000 for 20 years and it’s going to cost £55 per month.

That person could be thinking, ‘I now have to pay £55 a month for the next 20 years!’

Or, look at it this way.

£55 per month for 20 years will cost in total £13,200.

Seems like a big number but depending on how it’s put it can make the cover sound very positive.

E.g.: ‘If I give you £13,200, my family will get £500,000 (half a million pounds) if I die at some point in the next 20 years?’

‘Yes, and you can pay that monthly with no interest on the payments!’

This is why life insurance quotes now display the total amount you’d pay over the term.

It helps people put it into perspective.

When it comes to Buildings & Contents insurance it’s a little difficult to for most of us to appreciate having cover that will give us enough money to rebuild our house if it falls down. I mean, how many people do you know who’s house has fallen down?

Things that can be more important are cover for things like  flood damage or subsidence but for the majority of people the real seller should be the contents cover!

Aside from a house falling down you are more likely to hear friends and family say things like: ‘I spilt coffee on my laptop and got a brand new on on the insurance!’ or ‘One of the toddlers put jam in the DVD player and we got a new on our insurance!’

This is ‘Accidental Damage’ in action and if you said to someone you could get them a new computer, a new stereo or TV, sofa etc. if they are accidentally damaged and it’s only going to cost £100 per year then all of a sudden it seems like a good idea.

It is the benefits that make the difference with insurance and you sometimes really have to read all of the documentation or talk to an adviser to understand what you are going to get for your money.

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