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And so it is that the world we live in has reached an historic turning point.

This is a matter of such Global proportions that no living soul can ignore it and maintain a clean conscience.

Consumerism and capitalism have failed us all and so as a RACE we must make a decision.

Do we wait for our governments to tell us we have to take action? If we look back over history many of the problems of the present have been caused by government legislation and twisted politics that have been all about power and not about wellbeing.

For centuries the common man has been considered a very small wheel in the cog of industry fuelling a perpetuating cycle that sees the rich stay rich and the average man dream of being one of the rich ones.

The media also has a lot to answer for but they are also just pawns (very rich and influential ones) in this self perpetuating cycle of planetary destruction and misdirection.

So now it falls to us. The small wheels.

We are all responsible even though many of us prefer to blinker ourselves to the reality of what we do everyday.

We buy produce in wrapping that can’t be recycled which ends up in a hole in the ground (who’s idea was landfill? they need a smack!).

We turn up the heating instead of putting on a jumper.

We throw away tons and tons of perfectly good food!

We waste water by leaving the tap running when we brush our teeth.

We are, as a society of Earthlings, generally crap at giving a crap.

Now is the time to start opening our eyes to the bigger picture.

If someone asked you if the fate of the entire planet depended on you to make a few small changes to they way you live, would you do it? Or would you think ‘it’s not up to me’ or ‘why should I’ or ‘I can’t be bothered’…..

Careless displays of waste and excessiveness are now considered acts of vulgarity and people who waste, squander and consume more than needed are soon to be considered lesser citizens in the eyes of society.

We must all be more careful.

We must all use less stuff.

And you know, even though I don’t have a great deal of faith in the human race, I hope I will be proven wrong and I hope, I really do, that we, as a planet, joined together with a single aim in mind to protect ourselves as a species, will step up, take responsibility and make a change for the better.

I drive slower, wear thicker clothes in the house in winter, eat everything I cook, turn things off stand-by etc.

What are you doing to change the world?

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  1. I’m surprised there are no comments on here. It’s a post ripe for discussion. For example, capitalism hasn’t actually failed us. It’s greedy human nature that has failed capitalism.

    While ‘greed is good’ to oil the wheels of capitalism, too much of it is an evil failing of mankind.

    Did I mention I also dislike the term ‘consumer’? It reminds me of locusts (big fat lazy ones).

  2. Greed is definitely one of the bigger issues here. That and taking everything for granted. We can just go and buy things that we want and need, and chuck them away when we don’t want them anymore. It’s all a bit too easy!

    One of my biggest hates is food being wasted, I cannot bear it! I am actively trying not to waste food, or buy too much of it in the first place, as that is what leads to waste.

    One cause we should all have a read about and join if we agree with their stand is the Robin Hood Tax. Google it, it’s very interesting!