Date:17 January 2007 I Comments: 0 I Views:4,967

One thing that could make any wordpress bloggers life easier is quite simply

Especially if you are new to blogging and web design stuff, it’s got to be your first port of call when trying to customise or modify your blog or template.

It’s full of links to templates and almost every possible variable is broken down and explained.

If you want to display something, change the way a list of links is displayed or anything for that matter there is a search facility that will find almost everything you need to know.

You might have to be really specific when you search which might mean you have to root around in the code of your template and actually search for the variable you are trying to modify.

Thousands of people (if not more) use wordpress and many of them have developed their own add-ons to improve the functionality of WordPress. You can achieve almost anything you want, you just need to decide what that is.

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