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Well how about this! First post in over 2 years. Is anybody there? Is anybody reading this?

Regardless of dwindling readership I think it’s a good time to start writing again. There’s no guarantee this will become regular again or if there will even be another post after this one. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

I might decide to become a YouTuber or start tweeting!

For now, a bit of an update.

I’ve self studied and passed all the required exams to become a Level 4 qualified financial adviser and now provide independent financial advice. I chose the CII (Chartered Insurance Institute) route and despite the IFS now having a route to Chartered Status I’m thinking of sticking with the CII. Some might say that’s madness, it’s like swimming in treacle but others will know it’s the right choice.

I’ve renewed my mortgage permissions so I’m doing them again now too. So full steam ahead in that department.

This site however will still not provide actual advice. Just helpful ideas and information. If you want advice, head on over to my financial adviser site and we’ll go through the correct regulated procedure to ensure you’re properly protected!

In addition to becoming an IFA I’ve also had a baptism of fire into WordPress developments I hadn’t been keeping abreast of.

I’m now using a much better and more flexible theme builder (Ultimatum), Visual Composer and CSS Hero for much greater design flexibility. I’ve beefed up security after some hacking attempts and I’ve even converted almost all my sites to mobile compatibility (some with images that only appear or disappear on mobile devices!). SEO has been improved thanks to plugins that have evolved into truly credible optimisation tools.

You may (or may not) however notice that this site has not undergone any updates, changes or improvements.

They will come. After much head scratching.

So, that’s where we’re at now.

With a bit of luck the next post will provide you with something useful to take away and digest or put to good use.

PS. Did I mention I met Jordan Belfort? AKA The Wolf of Wall Street?

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