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I suppose it deserves a mention as there is no doubt it will have an impact on the finances of the country.

I do however believe that politics and religion are two subjects which need to be discussed with care and it does not pay to take sides if it’s a quiet life you’re after.

So, I’m not going to take sides but when diplomacy fails…

The main reason for writing about the forthcoming election is not to mock the process or the candidates (ow! I’ve bitten my tongue already..) but instead to mention the effect that televising the debates for the first time has had.

I don’t recall experiencing as much public debate and discussion amongst friends, peers and colleagues than I am this time around.

People seem to have really responded to seeing the party leaders ‘discuss’ important questions and issues amongst themselves because it provides an opportunity to gauge the person at face value.

The average person does not sit and watch live parliamentary debates and so only gets to see politicians when they are making pre-prepared speeches which are often in response to a single issue.

It’s true that party leaders can have coaching and training on public speaking, how to present themselves and the importance of body language in gaining trust and displaying honesty & integrity.

Put the same person who has had coaching and is only used to delivering speeches in a situation where only limited preparation is allowed and unexpected questions and responses occur, then the cracks begin to appear and the real person starts to show through.

And that’s what people like to see.

It’s reality TV with significance!

But will it all make a difference to the turnout of voters?

This handy graph shows an interesting picture and it’s plain to see that the UK has not been voting at capacity since 1992.

The state of the economy is sure to influence the number of voters making a point of having their say this time around and hopefully the televised debates will help the voting public decide what kind of person they want running the country.

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