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Following an evening in the company of hedonist Sir Elton John, Sir Michael Caine has compiled an album of his favourite chill-out tracks on a new album entitled ‘Cained.’

You can just picture the scene, Sir Michael and Sir Elton having just enjoyed a gourmet feast with some fine wine or perhaps champagne are sitting around in Elton’s plush and luxurious home, savouring some old liquor and maybe making a more ‘rock n roll’ evening of things in the way only A list celebrities know how…

Slightly tipsy and a little bit wayward:-

Sir Michael says, “So Elton, what’s it like making an album? I mean, what’s it REALLLLLYYY like…? Hic!”

Sir Elton: “Well Mick, y’know, in the old days it was intense, but now, it’s all covers and compilations…! s’easy really…! Heck, even you could do it!”

Sir Michael: “Course I could do it! I’m brilliant I am! I can do anyfing I want…!”

Sir Elton: “You know you should! I know this producer, he’ll put it all together for you, all you need to do is come up with a list of songs! Easy peasy!”

Sir Michael: “Ooooooh, now there’s a thought, I could do driving anthems!”

Sir Elton: ” Nooooo, you don’t want to do that! That’s not where the money is! If you want to make a quid or two you want to do a chill-out album! Everyone loves to chill , er, man….”

Sir Michael: “You know that’s a good idea! I like that Moby only I’m not keen on his interior decorator… and some Groove Armada isn’t bad either…”

Sir Michael rubs his chin pensively… “but what would I call it…..”

Sir Elton, who had drifted off into a world of pink cars and candy floss clouds comes back to the conversation… “call what darling?”

Sir Michael: “My album you messy beggar!”

Sir Elton (in a flash of inspiration): “I know! why don’t you do an album of really good ‘come down’ tunes and call it ‘Cained’…..?”

Sir Michael’s eyes roll and as the idea begins to form in his head he sits bolt upright waggling a drunken finger like a limp saber: “that’s brilliant! It’s perfect! ‘Cained’!!

Laughter ensues, drunken phone calls are made to producers, the chill-out compilation submitted by Jade Goody with the provisional title ‘Chill Aaaaat’ gets a quick cover change and presto the CD’s start falling off the production line…

Imagine the hangover…!

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