Date:18 May 2007 I Comments: 0 I Views:7,492

Is it me or is it hard to believe that someone has only just come up with the idea to make paint pots with screw top lids?

OK so sample pots have them but for as long as I can remember paint pots/tins have always had a tight fitting ‘lever-off’ lid.

They can be extremely annoying!

How many keys have been bent trying to pry off a paint lid?

How many pots of paint have ended up in peoples laps from stubborn lids finally giving way?

Crown now sell paint in screw top lids. I’ve just seen their advert on TV and that’s what made me think, why has this not been done before?

And the question still remains; has nobody thought of this until now? Not possible!!

Was thereĀ a surplus of tins that needed using up before a new design could be used?

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