Date:24 May 2007 I Comments: 0 I Views:6,831

Excerpt from Yahoo News:

‘Families face a new “pay as you throw” tax on rubbish under proposals to be unveiled by the Government.

It means the average family could end up paying around £120 a year to have their rubbish collected, on top of their council tax.

Under the proposals people will be provided with a slop bucket for food waste and kitchen scraps.

They will also have to separate out glass, plastics, paper and tins.

Councils will be able to issue fines for people who fail to comply.’


Personally I think this is just a way to allow local authorities to impose more fines where possible and boost revenue by doing so.

My local authority can’t process much of the recyclable waste so why should we be fined when they’re just going to throw a huge percentage of it into landfill anyway??

Many products are recyclable but we’re told not to because it costs too much to either process the waste or transport it to be processed and that simply isn’t good enough.

The government is failing to invest in a waste infrastructure that will get more of our rubbish properly recycled.

Until the public has been issued with difinitive instructions about what can and can’t be recycled…

…..or until an infrastructure is put in place so that a much higher percentage of the waste actually does get processed and recycled….

….the public should not be fined for failing to comply with a flawed system.