Date:12 June 2007 I Comments: 0 I Views:4,694

Without question, Paris Hilton is one of the most talked about celebrities (blah, blah, blah etc, etc… < - indicates my interest in celebrity gossip...). Many thousands of websites make reference to her and yet, the homepage of the Hilton Paris, (the hotel - is still able to find itself on the first page of results for the search 'Paris Hilton' on Yahoo. Surprisingly it's number 1 on MSN Live but only 46th on Google! Why does Google consider the hotel website less important than Yahoo & MSN? Why is it buried beneath a myriad of other sites, some of which only make vague reference to Paris Hilton on one page? The answer is, it doesn't! Google is clever. It knows that if you type 'Paris Hilton' you are probably looking for the person but if you type 'Hilton Paris' you are probably looking for the hotel. 'Hilton Paris' puts the hotel website no.1 on Google, MSN and Yahoo so it actually looks like MSN is the search engine that can't tell the difference...!

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