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Insurers have until December 21st 2012 to remove gender based pricing. Will this mean they have to ignore statistics just because they could be considered gender specific? ‘Statistically’ (based on factual evidence) women live longer and young men have more car accidents. Will these facts have to be ignored? If you’d like to pick the ruling to pieces and try to find out what the likely impact will be, you can find it here: Search for Case Ref: C-236/09 When it comes to the provision of healthcare section (12) states: ‘differences between men and women in the provision of more >

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It’s fairly common knowledge that women tend to live longer than men. In fact, the Office for National Statistics has been conducting surveys for years and a boy baby born in current times can expect to live to 77.7 and a girl baby is expected to live to the ripe old age of 81.9 Apparently however, the gap has come down over the last 27 years from 6 years to 4.2 year which suggests men are taking better care of their health but there is still a clear gap. For this reason, women actually pay slightly less for life insurance more >

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My mortgage has been on my lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR) for over a year now and once again the Bank of England has announced that the Base Rate is to remain at 0.5% for the 23rd month running. So here I sit, safe in the knowledge that for another month my mortgage repayment will stay the same. The big question is, how much longer will it stay this way? The talk of rate rises has been a buzz for sometime and as more time passes the louder the buzzing seems to be getting. Markets were suggesting a 25% chance of rates rising today more >

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As the world tightens its belt for a frugal year ahead in 2011, shopping aficionados will be looking for ways to get the most out of their budget, which means being a little wily when it comes to finding a bargain. The proliferation of mobile internet means there’s all manner of handy apps that can help cut the costs and guarantee savings – here’s a guide to the must have money saving shopping apps. Moneydance Stay on top of your finances and check before indulging in that ‘big buy’ – a personal money management tool, the Moneydance mobile app allows users more >

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Credit ratings and car insurance, two staples of modern life and two things that cause many people no end of worry! And, just to add to that worry, insurance companies are now using your credit score to help determine the cost of your car insurance! Which means that you could be a model driver, with no claims or convictions and may never even have had so much as a parking ticket, but if you mess up your balance transfers or miss a couple of credit card payments shortly before renewing your car insurance, you could find yourself paying an inflated more >

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There’s a really handy feature of the BBC News website whereby readers can submit comments about a given story and share their experiences (it’s only available for a short while after a story is published so you have to be quick). I recently read a story about MBNA hiking interest rates and as I would be most pleased if MBNA collapsed and all the senior staff ended up shouldering massive debts, I thought I’d make a comment about my experiences. Shortly after I had an email from a reporter at the BBC asking me to get in touch. I had a few things to more >

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One snowy morning I was slowly gearing myself up to head into the office and I thought I’d catch the news while supping a cuppa. I was browsing channels for news when I saw Rip Off Britain in the guide. “Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Jennie Bond return to their journalistic roots to expose some of the rip offs that are costing British consumers.” I’ve only ever caught a glimpse of this once before in the past and I flicked onto it again to see what the girls had to say this time. One section of the show was about more >

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I’m trying to find a succinct and comprehensive explanation of RDR and what it means for consumers but so far I’m struggling so I’m going to try and piece something together from what I can find which, is mostly how it will affect advisers. Interesting that a change to the investment market that is intended to benefit the consumer does not appear to be very well publicised. In fact, I searched for it on the FSA consumer website Moneymadeclear and I couldn’t find anything. I think quite a few people would be grateful if the FSA started to make the more >

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On the 22nd of October I passed the Investments & Risk module of the IFS Certificate in Financial Advice (CeFA). This is the IFS qualification that is needed to be recognised as an IFA and until 2012 the 4 modules are: UK financial services industry, regulation and ethics investments and risk protection retirement planning After 2012 the Diploma in Financial Advice (DipFA) will be required to continue working as an IFA. So, I’m pleased I’ve got the recent exams out of the way but there’s still a way to go! I’ve already received and started on the next module ‘Retirement Planning & Protection’ (2 more exams). Once that’s out more >

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UK based savers searching for the best savings rates for their money should first make sure that they’re taking advantage of their ISA (Individual Savings Account) allowance. While interest earned from money in an instant access savings account is taxable, cash ISAs offer the opportunity for tax-free savings – up to a point. The current limit for cash ISAs sits at £5,100 per person per tax year – and it’s worth filling that wherever possible as unused allowances don’t roll over to the following year. You can add to your ISA in chunks throughout the year as many times as more >