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This is a common desire for webmasters but not necessarily the right approach because a visitor is not always a potential customer. OK we all want visitors to our sites and if we’re honest we would never object to a few more but be wary of sites or companies offering ‘thousands of visitors to your site’. Have you ever had any spam that just says something like ‘cool site’ followed by a URL? What about spam that suggests clicking on a link for something that could well seem genuine, only to discover you’ve landed at a different URL? And how more >

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I’ve seen in the past people requesting details of how to perform a backward link check for their site on Yahoo. I seem to remember a post detailing a variety of permutations on the theme without having struck gold with the right prefix. I myself have pondered the accuracy of the request ‘’ in Yahoo in the past, only to conclude that although this works for Google, if does not provide the same response in Yahoo. Yahoo backward link checking requires the following: more >

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I must point out one of the key benefits to making the change and opening up the office space. Previously, the desk I sat at overlooked a small bit of concrete and there were bars on the window! (for security, there’s a footbal stadium nearby.) Now there is space all around, plenty of light and a view of the world going by! Literally! Did I mention it’s situated on a very busy junction? I’d recommend to anyone working for themselves for long hours in front of a computer to allow themselves plenty of space and lots of natural light! more >

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This could warrant an entire blog all to itself but I recently opened a secured loan enquiry office. Mainly because I already had a bay fronted shop premises located right on a busy junction that I was using to store the consolidated furniture of my brother and my new sister in law. I had the room at the back, paid all the rent and sat in a corner making websites. I still sit in a corner making websites but now I am surrounded my new carpet, fresh paint, a new desk and a new dividing wall and I’m even prepared more >

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Well both really. Depends how you use them. If you can afford to pay off your balance in full every month and are therefore immune to interest charges then go crazy! The more you use them the more the credit card companies will like you and the more credit they will give you. Loan companies will love you, you’ll have credit offers coming out of your ears! Leave a small balance for more than the initial interest free period and we all know what happens! It’s a trap! If everyone paid off their balances in full though, who would pay for more >

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Weather conditions are extreme, the doomsday clock has inched closer to armageddon, (Yahoo answers has once again proven very few people have anything worthwhile or constructive to say on the subject – just uneducated stabs in the dark and random assumptions – am I being too harsh?), there are only 5 more years until 2012, TV keeps showing ‘best ever’ countdown shows as if there’s not going to be anything more to add and nature channels are telling us to ‘watch it now before it’s all gone’. Quite frankly it’s depressing but did we really think the human race was going to more >

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This is a question that has arisen a few times and the answer appears to be, maybe not. There are certainly options to consider before making the decision and those are: Remortaging – As a homeowner, I can see that it makes the most sense to top up a mortgage to get at the equity neaded to clear debts. This way I could extend my mortgage to 25 years or more and spread the cost to reduce my monthly outgoings. Debt consolidation loans – either secured or unsecured loans can be used to consolidate debt depending on the amount of debt. An more >

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OK, I made a list the other day of all the things I know I could either do or have done and it actually made quite a big list. For less competitive market sectors I think I could guarantee results. Here’s the comprehensive list of things that can make all the difference in SEO. In order of importance, as I see it: Domain Registration – pick a good memorable name Hosting – pick a robust, reputable host Logo Design – design something eyecatching Site Design – make it look good and easy to use Page Optimisation – know your tags, more >

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Not until recently did I notice the search engines had indexed the index of my site folders. I have no idea if this reflects on SEO in any way but I had to say I got the feeling it would. If not for ranking’s sake but for sheer design integrity. Naturally I wanted a quick and easy solution that didn’t mean creating an index page to give the bots something to look at or adding lines and lines of text to my htaccess file restricting access to or redirecting them one at a time. (if there is no index page more >

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One thing that could make any wordpress bloggers life easier is quite simply Especially if you are new to blogging and web design stuff, it’s got to be your first port of call when trying to customise or modify your blog or template. It’s full of links to templates and almost every possible variable is broken down and explained. If you want to display something, change the way a list of links is displayed or anything for that matter there is a search facility that will find almost everything you need to know. You might have to be really specific more >