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Online Food Shopping – It’s All Good (Almost)

Find in Household Bills & Expenses May 5th, 2010 - 29,026 views

Online food shopping is not a new thing but it is most definitely a growth sector with more and more people seeing the benefits. In fact, in January the news predicted online food shopping will double in five years.

Personally I think this is an underestimate because there are so many advantages and once people are comfortable with the concept they will do it again and again.

Some of the major benefits of online food shopping:

1/ Ordering shopping from the comfort of your own home – no need to fill the car up with kids, struggle with parking, push a trolley around, stand in line, load the car, getting home to find you’ve forgotten an essential ingredient for tonight’s dinner…etc.

2/ You can set up ‘favourites’ in your online account which can be re-ordered at the click of button – even more time saved, great for eating a regular balanced diet or for dieting in general, less temptation to buy ‘treats’ & snacks.

Have you noticed – Shopping in a supermarket when hungry often leads to the buying of junk, easy cook food and items that just don’t really go with anything else you’ve bought. Shopping on a full stomach will inevitably lead to a more conservative trolley full.

3/ Brand buying is no longer an issue – if you don’t like to buy own brand products because  you think it makes you look cheap then online shopping is discreet and nobody will know if you choose to save a few pounds with low cost alternatives.

Tip – if you like smoothies and regularly buy a variety of fruit that you have to wash, peel, chop and blend then here’s a money and time saving tip – Buy supermarket own brand tinned fruit (in juice, not syrup). Prices can be under 20p per tin to make 3/4 of a pint. Just open the tin, slop it into the smoothie maker and in seconds you have a mixed fruit smoothie with no mess and less cleaning.

4/ Environmental Impact – for every person who buys their food online then that’s 1 less car driving to the supermarket and back. 1 delivery driver can make multiple drops in one trip thereby cutting down on pollution.

5/ Environmental Impact – (again) – many of the delivery companies will take away your old carrier bags! There aren’t enough places around and about to deposit carrier bags for recycling so this gets rid of them in a green and easy way.

Of course there are some disadvantages to online food shopping such as not being able to hand pick your meat, fish or vegetables and it’s a bit of pot luck to get the best cuts etc.

Online food shopping will never completely replace the aesthetic appeal of browsing around shops but in years to come the face of supermarkets could change considerably with less essential items on the shelves and more coming direct to your door.

3 Responses to “Online Food Shopping – It’s All Good (Almost)”

  1. Ashley Spooner Says:

    Online shopping is clearly far more economical than actually going shopping. I’m setting up a twitter account which will collect as many feeds from voucher sites as possible – but a lot of these need to be presented in store.

  2. Ed Hamilton Says:

    It is also great for saving money too. Not only, like you said you don´t buy as much junk food especially when shopping on an empty stomach, but also really helpful for budgetting purposes. You can keep a tally of what you are spending so if you have allocated £50 for weekly shopping then you can fill up your basket to this amount and if you go over then you have the option to take out the unnecessary items. This is not really possible when shopping in a store.

  3. Chris Says:

    Online shopping can really save money and petrol. I have set up a website to list as many takeaway menus as possible, the idea is to shop around from the comfort of home. If one is new to an area all the local menus should be online without having to explore for them. Also as its a free listing site the small business can compete on the same footing as the big nationals.

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