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This wordpress just keeps getting better and better…

I started looking for a ’email this post’ plugin and naturally, there was one! Simply entitled WP-Email.

So easy to use like most wordpress plugins. Just upload the files, activate, insert a snippet of php and done!

One thing to remember when downloading zip files: once downloaded, navigate to the file, right click and select ‘unblock’ (if you try this and don’t see ‘unblock’ I’m guessing you don’t need to worry!) otherwise Windows wont let you move the folder around.

On the same page as WP-Email there are a host of other really useful plugins.

I’ve added a couple to this blog and you’ll see on the right hand side ‘Popular Posts’. This is the output of one Plugins which just keeps a running score then lists the top 5 most viewed posts. (Really handy for developing internal anchor links for a topical post!)

Search on MSN Live for ‘bank charges letter‘ and you’ll see what I mean!

My page used to rank then dipped off, I added a sitewide link to the post and it popped up again. Now I’ve installed this plugin it makes it 10 times easier. In fact, it’s totally automated!

The other is the ‘Email this Post’ which is a fantastic tool for generating word of mouth referrals.

Give it a try!

It’s also possible to display the ‘most emailed post’ but there’s no need to fill a site with loads of stats.

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