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There’s a really handy feature of the BBC News website whereby readers can submit comments about a given story and share their experiences (it’s only available for a short while after a story is published so you have to be quick).

I recently read a story about MBNA hiking interest rates and as I would be most pleased if MBNA collapsed and all the senior staff ended up shouldering massive debts, I thought I’d make a comment about my experiences.

Shortly after I had an email from a reporter at the BBC asking me to get in touch. I had a few things to do before I had a chance to respond but I did and later that day I had a phone call from the reporter who asked me a few questions about my experience and if I would mind being interviewed. She told me the story may run later or another BBC show may pick up on it and ask me to comment.

I have to admit to being quite keen to share my experience of the way MBNA conduct business but alas the call never came.

Then yesterday, another call from the BBC! This time is was only because my experience was relating to debt and they wanted to ask me about my attitude towards debt and if it had changed since the financial crisis and the ongoing effects thereof, such as the recent VAT rise etc.

I happily exchanged information and I was once again asked if I’d mind recording something later for the news. It was explained to me that I didn’t quite tick all of the boxes in terms of what the model they had in kind but if they didn’t speak to anyone who was a closer fit they would be back in touch.

Alas, once again the call did not come.

But, on a positive note, I am now much more likely to submit a comment again if I read a story that has either affected me or I have some knowledge of because I now know there is a chance I may be able to contribute in some way.

So get involved, have your say.

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