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The financial future still looks pretty bleak.

‘The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos has wrapped up….. and in short, the outlook, after a week of intense discussion, is of a troubled world pressed for solutions across a number of fronts, but with optimism provided by human ingenuity and progress.’

I too am optimistic about 2012 thus far and good fortune throughout 2011 has most certainly helped.

The PPI Mis-selling bonanza lured me onto the bandwagon and I pursued a claim without employing the services of a third party. The claim was referred to the Ombudsman and upheld. I received over £13k back from MBNA and I was very pleased!

Most of it was used to wipe out a large portion of outstanding MBNA debt on which the Shylocks are charging a grotesque rate of interest.

Barclays changed the name of my ‘Overdraft Protection’ to simply ‘Payment Protection’ which led me to question the selling of what was actually another PPI policy. They sent me a letter saying they’d calculated an ‘estimated’ repayment of about £700 and then they paid me just £20. I questioned the discrepancy and mentioned I’d had success with the Ombudsman and wasn’t afraid to use them again and lo, a few weeks later, £700 arrived! Every little helps!

If the PPI successes weren’t enough I had a letter from Halifax to say they hadn’t notified customers of interest rate rises as well as they should have and they’d be calculating the financial impact of that and a few weeks later they knocked £1700 off the balance of my mortgage!

Thanks to good fortune and circumstances my monthly outgoings have been dramatically reduced. It would have otherwise taken many more years of grafting to get to this stage and I am extremely relieved.

There’s nothing more annoying than working just to pay off debts so with my burden reduced I now feel I can work towards a brighter financial future.

And that’s where 2012 comes in.

I build websites and I have a couple that generate enquiries for me. I have about 11 years of experience marketing websites and in a niche market I can easily get top 10 rankings without needing a massive marketing budget.

Marketing by itself does not make money, one still needs to work the enquiries and sell. 

As a one man band who also looks after a small firm with a few staff the marketing I need to do to perpetuate my own business can sometimes be sporadic.

But when I find the time, it pays.

So far this January I have generated 76 new finance related enquiries which is why I have only just found the time to write an article about 2011!

I don’t like to count chickens but I don’t plan to get pessimistic about the Mayan calendar this side of December.

Happy New Year everybody and I hope 2012 provides fruit for you too.


  1. Wow – nice to hear you had a good result with the ombudsman. I pursued two claims but never got anywhere sadly. However I did get around to reviewing my bank accounts. Since my bank was “acquired” by another that bought it, I found that all my previous accounts that had been paying a decent rate of interest under bank X had been shuffled onto a “similar” product from bank Y’s portfolio. I’m not sure how they thought these were similar as bank Y was paying 0.1% interest on all the accounts. Needless to say my business is going elsewhere, and I’m making it a point to review every year from now on.


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