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Due to my activity in the finance sector I have recently established a source able to provide an abundant supply of life insurance leads.

I am being informed that these leads have a conversion rate of about 50% which is very good for internet generated leads and all of the leads are incoming as opposed to people who have been cold called.

This means the leads are from genuine people with a genuine interest in buying life insurance.

What I am trying to do is find out if there are people who would be interested in buying a regular supply of life insurance leads if I am able to secure a good volume of regular leads.

The price for these leads will be in the region of £35 – 40 and any non-genuine leads will be automatically replaced. Large volume orders may attract a discount.

I have looked into the cost of life insurance leads and Leadbay are currently a large volume supplier with people bidding in excess of £40 for leads on a regular basis.

Other lead brokers are also charging in the region of £40 per lead.

Being a business person I am willing to do whatever I can to beat the competition.

If I get a few responses to this and people contact me telling me how many leads they could handle I will take this further.

I will be trailing some of these leads myself as a qualified adviser able to sell life insurance but because there are potentially dozens of leads available per day which, although I’d like to I can’t handle by myself, I think it’s only fair to offer them to other people!

So if you are in the market for life insurance leads please feel free to add a comment or contact me to discuss this further!

Alternatively, if you are a consumer looking into life insurance I can help with that too so feel free to ask.

I am an adviser seeking life insurance leads

I am a consumer interested in life insurance



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  1. mark

    i m looking for good client for life insurance leads in advance payout so plzz conatact me and also chk my leads quality plzz

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