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What a great story! – From Yahoo News

Movie and computer game Point of Sale marketing displays often feature life sized representations of main characters. These can come in the form of full sized cardboard cut-outs and more recently full sized dummies.

These effigies can fetch a pretty penny and are highly desirable among fans and collectors.

One such life sized dummy, formerly used to promote one of the Tomb Raider games was taken home by the computer shop owner to be sold to the highest bidder on ebay.

This shop owner called police about nuisance phone calls and when the police turned up at the house, they spotted what they thought was an ‘armed gunman’ through the window!

Following correct procedure, armed police were called in and the house was raided! One officer is reported to have shouted ”Where’s the weapon, where’s the weapon?”

The poor owner had no idea what was going on and was terrified by the ordeal.

What makes this story even more ridiculous is the man has been bailed on firearms offences!!

‘Lara Croft, meanwhile, remains “impounded as evidence”.’

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