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Yes that’s right, Kwik-Fit can now insure your home!

Kwik-Fit have been providing car insurance for a while now and they have recently moved into home insurance.

This is the same company that is known and loved as the tyre and exhaust people. They may also do brakes and clutches but my memory is uncertain.

So a company that has exhaust centres dotted across the country that offer a ‘while-you-wait’ service in their lovely blue overalls, can now protect your home as well as your car.

It’s just another example of an organisation branching out into the finance arena and quite a common sight today.

Halfords, the people that sell all things automotive from car stereos to wiper blades also offers a range of financial solutions including insurance.

Tesco, Sainsburys and other large chains have been providing financial services for quite some time now and the transition is complete. Most of us now know we can walk into our local supermarket and apply for a credit card but at first the idea did seem a bit odd!

Which is why it’s hard to imagine a well known brand like Kwik-Fit (who do exhausts) providing home insurance. I’m sure they have all the necessary infrastructure in place to handle the move otherwise they wouldn’t have done it.

They’re probably re-branding another providers cover like so many others but with their own special perks and incentives.

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