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I don’t have an iPhone. I know people who do but I am used to having a half decent camera with a flash on my phone and I couldn’t convince myself that all the other features of the iPhone outweighed the lack of a decent camera.

So I went for the HTC HD2 which some people have dubbed an ‘iPhone Killer’ but mostly by people who don’t like the thought of any one product being so popular.

And now the news of the launch of Apple’s iPad.

There’s a really good review and demo here:

Personally I don’t really see the point.

It really does just come across as a giant iPhone and reminds me of the Dom Jolly sketch with the giant mobile.

I can picture people walking down the road trying to hold their iPad to their ear… Funny image but I would actually expect people to use a headset!

I’m struggling to think of instances where the iPad would be better applied than a decent laptop though.

It plays games, great.  But it’s nothing like a 42″ TV with a surround sound system.

You can look at maps, wow. Is that really useful on something so chunky? I’d rather use my phone if I’m out and about or my laptop if I’m planning a trip.

It surfs the net, amazing. But why use the iPad over a PC, laptop or phone?

You can use email, who’d have thought it! But why is the iPad the place to do it?

It plays movies – but does it have a stand or do you have to lean it against something or hold it to watch them? – Again, TV or laptop just seems more logical.

You can read books with it! Whoa, steady on! Perhaps this is one feature it has that suits its purpose.

As you can tell, I’m failing to understand the point of this device.

There’s no doubt it looks pretty cool, the screen is bound to be crystal clear and you know it would be very aesthetically pleasing in the hand but surely a fast booting touchscreen laptop with built in mobile phone technology (or the ability to use it as a glorified handsfree kit) would have many more practical applications than an oversized iPhone?

Or am I just being old fashioned?

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