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I became qualified to provide mortgage and protection advice in late 2007. It’s been quite a ride.

When mortgage business started to dry up I focused more on protection such as life insurance, income protection etc. (The percentage of mortgage advisers who don’t even discuss how to protect the debt is staggering! Which is probably one of the reasons why a lot of people don’t appreciate how important it is.)

I have a mortgage, I have life cover. I am one of those people that just feels a lot more comfortable knowing that if I died the debt would be cleared and my family could stay in the house without having to pay a mortgage. I pay less than £15 per month for the peace of mind.

But, other people aren’t the same. Many see life insurance as an additional hassle.

I recently spoke to a potential customer who has a mortgage a wife and children and they’ve been procrastinating for months. The latest excuse was ‘I’ve just had to do the building’s insurance so I think I’m going to leave the life cover for a while….’

That, I just don’t get.

I know I could go on a sales course to learn more intricate ‘objection handling’ techniques but when I get flabbergasted I sometimes struggle to find the resolve to persist. It is nothing short of a brick wall repeatedly meeting my head.

I know mortgage companies insist on building’s insurance but if it was a toss up between the carpets being replaced if a pipe burst or my family being made homeless if I died, I know which one I would arrange first!

I’d be interested to know what other excuses people come up with to dodge the subject?

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  1. When faced with this (and it is the main breadwinner who is resisting) turn to the non-breadwinner and say “Let’s assume (breadwinner) has just been killed on the way home from work in a car crash – how are you going to pay the mortgage, bills, food, clothing etc……?”

    Then just close your mouth and KEEP QUIET – if “breadwinner” starts to speak just say “please don’t talk, you’re dead”!

  2. Or alternatively –
    “Breadwinner, why do you work?”
    “To earn money”
    “Whay don’t you just stop working and live off your savings?”
    “Because we can’t afford to”
    “Well that is what your asking your family to do if you were to die”

  3. I guess too many people are only focused on what is happening today and try to ignore the future.
    I like comment number 4 from Simon. I suspect that would stop and make them think and face up to what life could be like if the worst were to happen.
    None of us want to think about it but we should.


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