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Step 1. Go to

Step 2. When you are on the page, type whatever you want to find in the wide ‘search box’ across the middle of your screen. The image below shows the screen you should see and the red circle shows the start of the ‘search box’. (The red circle is not on the Google website, it is just in the picture below to show you where to start typing.)

That’s about it! You can type anything you like and Google will display a list of websites with a short description of each. All you have to do is click on the title that you think is the closest to the thing you’re searching for and you will be taken to that website.

Below is an image of the results you would see if you searched for ‘kitchens’.

The first 3 results are advertisements or ‘Sponsored Listings’ which means the website owner has paid to appear at the top.

The narrow list on the right of the screen is more ‘sponsored listings’.

The rest of the page contains results that Google thinks are closest to the search you performed.

The ‘search box’ stays at the top and the bottom of the page so you can search again whenever you like.

To ‘Google’ there is nothing more to it. You do not need to type ‘Google’ before or after your search in order to ‘Google’

Googling is simply the act of using to search the internet.

Although this may seem very straightforward and simple, it has actually been known for people to try and ‘Google’, while visiting other search engines as well by putting the word ‘Google’ in front or after their search subject.

Eg: Visiting Yahoo or MSN and searching for ‘Google loans’ or ‘Google films’.

Google commands a massive audience and has rapidly become an established household name but the growth has been so fast some people have not yet discovered that Google is actually a website and not just a strange word that helps you find things online.

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