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As part of Channel 4’s ‘Alternative Election’ they have devised an online interactive application called ‘Chop or Not’ which allows members of the public to say what service areas of the budget they would ‘chop’ or ‘not’.

No sign up is required and it’s designed so that it’s fun, quick and in the style of the popular ‘hot or not’ site.

Everybody’s submissions are totalled and compared with your own results and you’re shown results ‘as you go’.

The wider story is that through people playing the app, Channel 4 is building a picture of what the British people would choose to keep or chop in the budget. This is especially timely today in light of the leaders debate last night on the economy.

I had a go and managed to slash the nations deficit by 65% but not without making some tough choices I can tell you!

I was merrily going through slashing this and chopping that but when I was faced with choosing to axe home visits for the elderly or state pensions it suddenly dawned on me that the reality is much more daunting.

The Channel 4 application is a bit of fun but by slashing many services and cutting entire departments I only cut 65% of the debt.

The big question that still needs to be answered is ‘how bad is it really going to get?’

All the fun aside, exactly how will the debt be paid off ?

Take a look at your friends, family and colleagues and you’ve probably identified a few of the people who will really foot the bill.

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  1. What a great idea. Had a go on the Channel 4 site and its quite enlightening what choices you have to actually make. It does make you think about what the politicians have actually got to do to reduce the budget deficit. personally I think the banks need to cough up some dosh, pay back what they have borrowed off us and stop ripping small businesses and the average family off.