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How do credit card companies manage to offer 0% interest rates?

I haven’t spoken to any credit card companies about this so this is purely speculative but I would imagine they borrow funds at a set interest rate for a set term. They then take on new customers at 0% in the knowledge that some of those customers will not clear their cards each month and will make purchases as well as transferring balances at 0%.

These customers get charged a much higher rate of interest than the rate at which the card companies have actually borrowed the funds which subsequently covers the lower interest the card companies pay themselves.

Then there’s all the late payment fees and the balance transfer fees.

In addition to which, people (including myself) are getting royally shafted by interest rate hikes just because during a financial crisis/recession and reduced earning period only the minimum amount is being paid each month.

How is this fair?

It isn’t but so far I don’t see a way around it.

I could dispute the debt and try to get a copy of the original agreement and I am sorely tempted to do so but for two reasons:

1/ I used the money and I’m a responsible person (or at least I like to think so!)

2/ MBNA are pretty hot at keeping original agreements (so I’ve heard)

MBNA themselves phone me up asking me if I want to consolidate the debt into a secured loan against my house.

I’m starting to think this is borderline extortion!

This is what I think when I read between the lines of the letters they send:


Dear MBNA customer,

We can see you are only paying the minimum amount off your credit card balance each month and as the economy is suffering and we understand your income may have been affected, we’ve decided to hike your interest rate up to about 25% – 28% so it now costs you a lot more than it did.

But don’t worry, as a valued long term customer we’d like to offer you the opportunity for us to pass your details to our preferred secured loan partner who will take a share in your house until the debt is paid! We knew you’d be happy to hear that!

What we’ve actually done here is steer you into a predicament that could:

1/ Earn us commission for passing your details to our secured loan partner

2/ Get your debt off our books and makes us look good to our shareholders.

3/ Give us more money to use to snare more customers into taking one of our products

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Yours mockingly,


How do we get credit card companies to play fair?

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  2. Well It is fairly simple really. They will lure you in with the great offer and then they will punish you after the 0% periode runs out. You will then once you have juggled your credit round between several cards come and see a debt management company. The problem with the credit debt is that even though it is unsecured it is still secured if you own a propperty. So before you have to get into a debt management plan the stop spending money that is not yours. I have seen so many people in your situation over the last few years that had a credit card and it turned into many and in the end ended up with either a debt management plan or an iva or even bankruptcy. If you have great debts speak to a debt advicer before it is to late.