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I just saved myself £25.

Some years ago a friend of mine had a motoring accident and was seriously injured. The other driver had been drinking and fled the scene but was eventually caught.

My friend had legal cover with his motor insurance and subsequently paid no legal costs and was awarded substantial compensation.

Since that day I have always taken out the optional legal cover with my car or motorbike insurance.

Until today.

I have a buildings & contents policy which I arranged for myself in my roll as a mortgage adviser (got a good price too! – drop me an email for a quote – it was cheaper than online providers! ;)

With this policy I also chose to have legal cover (call me cautious!).

I have just confirmed that the legal cover provided with my home insurance is actually ‘Family and Motor Legal Expenses Insurance’ and as such will provide the same cover that legal cover with my car insurance provides.

Whatsmore, it protects everyone in the household so this type of cover will protect spouses and children living in the house. So they don’t need extra legal cover either!

Therefore, on renewing my car insurance I no longer opted for legal cover and saved myself £25!

How many people are also cautious and always say yes to the legal cover? I imagine thousands! If not hundreds of thousands!

If everyone knew this and did the research to confirm they have the legal cover they need from one provider and therefore no longer need it elsewhere then some insurance companies are likely to lose out big time!

So spread the word!

But make sure you double check all the facts before making your decision because the last thing you want is to have an accident and not be able to claim the legal expenses. Solicitors aren’t cheap.

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  1. A very important point there.

    I would always recommend legal protection cover – I had a nasty car accident a number of years ago when a lorry tail-ended my car – the boot was completely destroyed.

    Thankfully my legal protection covered the costs of recovering my “uninsured losses” – everything in the boot was destroyed (but not covered under the normal policy).

    Regardless of whether you take it with your car insurance or buildings and contents you should seriously consider adding this option.