Date:17 January 2007 I Comments: 0 I Views:2,896

So you create your Google Adsense account and you decide to create some Adsense for content. You decide on the display format you want then you pick your colours, choice of border and font etc. Then you copy the code and slap it in your site, upload the page and presto! You’re looking at adverts for loans when your site is actually about fly fishing!

OK, so that’s extreme but I developed a mini-site using wordpress (coz it’s great) and put some Adsense content on the pages only to find it displayed credit card links when the site was actually about loans!

I scanned the content and couldn’t find any reference to credit cards in the code anywhere! Was most peculiar, so on that site I opted for rotating banners instead!

It’s probably a pretty rare occurrence, the rest of the time Adsense seems to manage very well at knowing what the page is about and putting up the right ads.

It’s all about content and page structure. If the page title, keywords and description are all relevant to the ads you hope to see it helps immensely but without some good content it could all go horribly wrong.

Even if all your tags are about say, credit cards but you only have a small paragraph about spanners, (once again, extreme case scenario) you could end up with ads about spanners.

Take a look at the ads on this page and see if you can tell where it’s picking up the results from! It’s a fun game you can play at home!

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