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PIN money’s great isn’t it? That surplus bit of money you have each month you know you could quite happily fritter away on needless expenses, just because you can.

As long as the bills are paid the rest is the hard earned cash that makes it all worth while and we use it to enjoy ourselves.

But sometimes, it’s just not there. I could have sworn there was another £100 in the bank…. Sound familiar?

When you’re certain you had more than there is, do you know where it went?

Open the Free Budget Planner

Have you been spending beyond your means now and again and felt the sting of unlawful bank charges ?

It’s even possible you may be spending more than you earn each month and not even know about it.

Want to know the simple secret to not getting charged and always having a bit of spare cash each month?

Although it’s not always easy the solution is to keep a close eye on your money and don’t spend more than you earn.

I repeat, sometimes it isn’t easy but the best place to start is with a ‘budget planner’.

Write down what’s coming in and what’s going out and the difference is what’s left.

Or not.

If you’re concerned or just want to know where your money goes here’s a budget planner in PDF format (you need Adobe Reader) to print and fill in.

The final calculation on the budget planner is the amount of disposable income left after all the bills are paid.

It’s fairly comprehensive and will take a few minutes to complete but hopefully it covers most of today’s everyday expenses.

Open the Free Budget Planner



  1. Nice little PDF you’ve got there – if you’ve put it together, I’d recommend putting your URL on there to remind people where they got it from – and to keep coming back!


  2. Harei

    A freind told me about this little personal budgeting website that is completely anonymous and free to use, very functional, simple and easy to use with lots of online guidance, help and a vibrant users billboard serving the growing community of users. It’s great for those with little budgeting or financial experience as well as power budgeters, I have used it for over 4 months now and it’s too good to be free.

    Out Of The Dark (OOTD) is located on the web at:

    Happy budgeting.