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For any would be website owner wether it be professional, personal or otherwise, be sure to pick a good solid, reputable host.

I didn’t for a few of my sites.

I only needed a small amount of space and not a lot of bandwidth so I hunted around for a reseller account so I could host multiple accounts.

I found a company in the US that offered masses of space and an ulimited number of accounts/email/sql etc…. for $50/year….

Yep, that’s cheap and you get what you pay for! are rubbish.

In the first month their servers were hacked and all my homepages vanished and since then I’ve lost sites for days at a time, had database errors and even had my account switched off 3 MONTHS before it was even due for renewal!

The guys only work office hours regardless of what’s happening to their customers accounts. They don’t work weekends and because they’re in the states, they’re never in the office when I’m in the office!

What’s more, they are rude, arrogant and just don’t care. It’s been a nightmare.

I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt far too long and the final straw was the recent multiple database failures.

I’ve now paid more for less and so far I’m already much happpier with the new set up. It’s smoother, faster and they even have a 24hour support line!! Perfect!

I’m also now quite experienced at creating site backups, reinstalling sites in new locations from backup and reconfiguring databases!

New host is: 

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  1. I’ve used a variety of hosts, all with varying degrees of success – my initial favourite was Supanames – pretty cheap, reasonably easy to setup and quite quick to respond to problems. More recently I got tempted over to Dreamhost because of the amount of options and features that are available on their servers – they’re also quite cheap, but are US-based, have had a few reliability problems over the past year, but do have reasonable support and a great Wiki which is usually good enough to answer all of your queries.

    I’ve also used – they seem reasonable enough, but possibly wouldn’t give me the options I need for most of my web work.

    I also use a Fasthosts dedicated server for more important work, and obviously that costs much more than those mentioned above, but you do get your own server, with which you can do just about anything, and they’re quick and reliable – I’m yet to really test their customer service though…