Date:24 January 2007 I Comments: 0 I Views:6,140

Installing just one energy-saving light bulb can save up to £9 a year on your electricity bill!! How many normal light-bulbs do you have in your house? To make it easy, if you have 10, you save £90/year on lighting! Not to mention each light bulb will reduce carbon emissions by 40kg so again, that’s 400kg for 10 light bulbs!

So just three average houses running only energy saving light bulbs can reduce carbon emissions by over a ton!!

OK so the bulbs themselves cost more than normal ones but if you shop around you can get them for much less than you think!

I’ve seen energy saver light bulbs in the ‘Pound Store’. My local Aldi (which stocks some great Pesto!) also has energy saving bulbs for a little over £1.

ebay is also a pretty good place to start but as ever you need to take a bit of time finding the best deal.

I found 3 bulbs for £0.49 plus £2.20 postage which works out at £0.90 each including postage so beware of people selling for £0.90 each PLUS postage of over £1! Although it’s also possible on ebay to buy 12 for £18.76 including postage which works out at £1.56/bulb but you get all the bulbs you need for your house for less then £20 and in the first year still save £70 on bills.

Energy Savers Direct sells subsidised top brand bulbs at £0.99 each +VAT. A box of 10 costs £11.63 inc VAT with postage at £2.95 making each bulb £1.28.

And just in case you’re wandering, I don’t sell energy saver bulbs on ebay! Or anywhere else for that matter. I just replace my old ones with energy savers each time one blows.