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Direct Line don’t feature on price comparison sites

They don’t pay a middle man.


They DO run online marketing campaigns and pay partner websites for each sale generated. 


They are all over the TV paying an advertising agency to employ top UK personalities and for prime advertising slots at peak viewing times.

So how do they pass on savings to the customer?

They offer 52 days free cover.


Aviva (who recently spent a fortune on their rebranding from Norwich Union) offer 2 months free cover. (2 months = 2 x 30 = 60 days free (approx.))

Web shoppers who want the full picture have to use a comparison website and then get a direct quote from Direct Line… How annoying!

I’ve written about this before ( but it still bugs me why not being on a comparison site is a good thing? To me it doesn’t appear as open and transparent as companies that do…

How do they actually compare though? Please comment below….

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  1. It is indeed annoying that Direct Line (and several other insurers, such as Admiral) do not partner themselves with price comparison sites. The reason may be that when combined with their national TV advertising and the promotion of such ‘special’ offers as the 52 days free cover, they hope they will be able to snare customers with their products before they have a chance to fully compare what else is on offer.