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……..and, they’re gone. HIPs are no longer required when selling a house.

Did they make much difference while they were around? It’s possible a number of houses remain unsold due to a poor energy rating (although the hole in the roof was obvious) and they will stay that way because Energy Performance Certificates are still required.

EPC’s were about the only useful piece of information in a HIP although the sustainability information required for newly built properties is quite interesting for today’s environmentally conscious homebuyer.

EPC’s are provided by accredited energy assessors and should cost around £100 for an average sized house but the price is set by the accredited firm so watch out if you’re in Surrey!

Information about how to get an Energy Performance Certificate can be found on the website and a database of accredited assessors can be searched from the Landmark website to help you find someone local.

But how much of a consideration is it to a prospective buyer? OK, so if you go shopping for a fridge or washing machine you may favour a more efficient one over another but when it comes to houses are buyer’s decisions really affected by the energy performance?

Most people buying a new home will budget for decorating and making changes and this can easily include loft or cavity wall insulation and even new double glazing.

And while it’s still free to read the Times online I like the second comment made by one of their readers on their article about the end of HIPs.

Anyone thinking about or in the process of selling or buying should read the information on the Government’s Communities website but the potential price of an EPC is quoted as £150 on that site so it’s up to you which one you want to read!

What about people who have just paid for a HIP? – I imagine that’s something that will have to be taken up with the HIP provider… Negotiating a partial refund for the provision of the EPC is worth a shot.

Lastly, how many people has this decision just put out of work? Swings and roundabouts…

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