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Well both really. Depends how you use them.

If you can afford to pay off your balance in full every month and are therefore immune to interest charges then go crazy!

The more you use them the more the credit card companies will like you and the more credit they will give you.

Loan companies will love you, you’ll have credit offers coming out of your ears!

Leave a small balance for more than the initial interest free period and we all know what happens! It’s a trap!

If everyone paid off their balances in full though, who would pay for the airmiles or free hotel rooms? Would it mean an end to things like ‘no annual fee’, rewards and discounts on purchases?

And wouldn’t that just be a bit like a debit card? Or a prepaid card? What would be the point of them?

Oh I remember, it’s a ‘credit’ card. They’re providing quick and easy access to money you don’t actually have. Money you can use to buy those things you ‘just got to have’ even if you don’t quite have enough in the bank.

OK that’s not fair, credit cards can be used for essential emergency expenditure too.

Credit cards do offer more security than debit cards, especially for online purchases and the prevention of identity theft. When used overseas and misplaced, they’re also pretty good at making sure you’re not without your credit line for long.

And to be fair they do mean you haven’t got to carry loads of cash around.

I think the real answer to the question depends on personal experience and traditionally people are more likely to let you know about something when it’s not going right than they are if everything’s tickadeeboo. Consequently there will always be more horror stories than tales of good fortune and mirth!

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