Date:12 December 2018 I Comments: 0 I Views:8,424
The desire for ethical investing is gathering momentum but what is it and can it really make a difference? There are many different terms used to describe ethical investing including SRI, ESG & Impact Investing but what do they really mean and which one would you prefer? Essentially, each term is a different method for 'screening' companies and indexes to only include those that meet certain 'ethical' criteria. SRI stands for Socially Responsible Investing and in short is a screening process that seeks to exclude certain undesirable businesses or sectors such as weapons manufacturing, pornography, gambling, tobacco, nuclear power more >

Date:1 March 2012 I Comments: 8 I Views:11,512

Is it a good time to invest? The global economy is shaky, businesses are struggling and marketing budgets are tight. How can businesses increase their value and their profit if they can’t afford to expand..? When will be a good time to think about investing in the stock market? Well, I don’t know a great deal about it but I read and digest information and I dabble with a virtual portfolio (an excellent way to get started without spending a penny). In my opinion, the best time to get into investing in the Stock Market was 2008! To justify claiming more >

Date:13 March 2009 I Comments: 3 I Views:26,767

Pondering the news one day I asked a friend, ‘how do people get into organised crime?’ His response was ‘Plan it?’. And getting started at anything requires a similar approach. Share trading isn’t quite organised crime although it’s not short of the odd criminal and in the current economic climate it could be argued it isn’t always organised! But if there is something you want to do, you need to find out as much as you can about it before you do it and something that involves parting with money you could easily lose requires very careful consideration. This global recession is sparking interest in share more >

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Currency trading has taken the country by storm – and with good reason. Conducted online, the pace of foreign currency trading is fast (deals can be completed in seconds) and furious. With the advent of mini-forex accounts, it’s become incredibly easy to get into the market. You can get started with a Forex mini account with many online brokers for as little as £100 – and the potential for quick turnaround and profit is enormous. Like any opportunity with a high potential for profit, though, currency trading offers a high potential for loss. Currency trading is not for the weak-willed more >