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I recently read an article on SEO about how search engines love words (content is king etc.) and how important it is to build a website with as little distance between the all important head tags and the rest of the keyword rich content. I concur, making the relevant content of your site easy for the SE’s to find is very important so I thought I’d have a nose at the site from whence this article originated and see if I could learn anything. I found a website heavily reliant on tables for layout with no less than 178 lines more >

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This is a common desire for webmasters but not necessarily the right approach because a visitor is not always a potential customer. OK we all want visitors to our sites and if we’re honest we would never object to a few more but be wary of sites or companies offering ‘thousands of visitors to your site’. Have you ever had any spam that just says something like ‘cool site’ followed by a URL? What about spam that suggests clicking on a link for something that could well seem genuine, only to discover you’ve landed at a different URL? And how more >

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I’ve seen in the past people requesting details of how to perform a backward link check for their site on Yahoo. I seem to remember a post detailing a variety of permutations on the theme without having struck gold with the right prefix. I myself have pondered the accuracy of the request ‘’ in Yahoo in the past, only to conclude that although this works for Google, if does not provide the same response in Yahoo. Yahoo backward link checking requires the following: more >

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OK, I made a list the other day of all the things I know I could either do or have done and it actually made quite a big list. For less competitive market sectors I think I could guarantee results. Here’s the comprehensive list of things that can make all the difference in SEO. In order of importance, as I see it: Domain Registration – pick a good memorable name Hosting – pick a robust, reputable host Logo Design – design something eyecatching Site Design – make it look good and easy to use Page Optimisation – know your tags, more >

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Not until recently did I notice the search engines had indexed the index of my site folders. I have no idea if this reflects on SEO in any way but I had to say I got the feeling it would. If not for ranking’s sake but for sheer design integrity. Naturally I wanted a quick and easy solution that didn’t mean creating an index page to give the bots something to look at or adding lines and lines of text to my htaccess file restricting access to or redirecting them one at a time. (if there is no index page more >

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So you create your Google Adsense account and you decide to create some Adsense for content. You decide on the display format you want then you pick your colours, choice of border and font etc. Then you copy the code and slap it in your site, upload the page and presto! You’re looking at adverts for loans when your site is actually about fly fishing! OK, so that’s extreme but I developed a mini-site using wordpress (coz it’s great) and put some Adsense content on the pages only to find it displayed credit card links when the site was actually more >