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Own a business? Pay your spouse? Good idea for tax purposes (and ideally they should actually be doing something for the income too!). But, does it cause problems and disadvantage you in other areas? Take getting a mortgage as an example. If you pay your spouse £11,500 (tax allowance) and for some funny reason you don't want them on your mortgage (maybe they have other credit commitments or some other valid reason why you wouldn't want them to part own the property) then you could be reducing your borrowing potential by as much as £11,500 x 5 = £57,500. more >

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So you’ve hit the Big 50 which immediately makes you eligible to consider an over 50’s plan. Great! Insurance without the hassle of lengthy forms and no prying medical questions! Nice and simple. But possibly expensive and with less cover available than other options. The two options being looked at here are: Over 50 plans The idea of an over 50 plan is to provide life cover until you die, whenever that may be. It is not medically underwritten so acceptance is usually guaranteed. Key points to be aware of: Cover is usually restricted to a pre-set maximum amount (usually 10’s more >

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When it comes to choosing a life insurance plan to protect your family it’s tempting to primarily look for a low-cost option. After all, this is a premium that you’re likely to be paying for many years and possibly the rest of your life so you don’t want to tie yourself in to something overpriced. However, sometimes low-cost premiums can be misleading, and if you’re not confident in what you’re looking for, you could end up out of pocket. Here are a few of the other factors you should consider before you take out a policy. Inflation Inflation is a more >

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A little while ago Aviva launched a series of life insurance ads on TV to try and raise awareness and so they should because apparently the UK population is grossly under-insured. Having been in the industry for but a few short years these were the first TV ads I’d seen for life insurance. It turns out (and it’s not a major revelation if you think about it) TV ads for life insurance have been around in other parts of the world for quite some time and while searching the interweb for ideas and information I came across one from late more >

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Many people don’t enjoy spending money on insurance. Car insurance is a legal requirement and can sometimes feel like a financial burden which is one reason people like to shop around for the best deal. Anyone who has had to make a claim on their car insurance is more likely to appreciate the benefit and may subsequently start to look more closely at what they are buying to make sure they receive the best care when they need it most. Car insurance comparison sites know this which is why a few years ago they started to display some of the more >

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For as long as I can remember I’ve had a monthly entry on my bank statement that was called ‘O/D Protection’. I thought this was a compulsory part of having an overdraft and for a time I was occasionally dipping into the overdraft so protection seemed like a good idea. It wasn’t until my bank changed the title of this to ‘Payment Protection’ that it caught my attention. What with all the automated sales call about PPI I keep receiving I thought my bank had taken it upon themselves to mis-sell me some without me even knowing about it. I spoke more >

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The theory goes that if a business doesn’t need to pay as many salaries, it can offer its products at more competitive prices. The internet is therefore an ideal medium for transacting low cost automated business. If a company can use its website to take a customer from enquiry through to sale without the need for human intervention it should be able to save money and either increase profit margin or pass the savings on to customers. Having tried a selection of car insurance comparison sites I recently settled for an ‘online only’ car insurance policy. It was the cheapest more >

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I am personally involved in helping people find life insurance. Mostly for people with a medical condition or high risk occupation. Regardless of the different circumstances of the individual, the things that people protect are always the same and the top two priorities are family & mortgage. Mortgages are quite simple to protect. If the mortgage is ‘Interest Only’ (the debt stays the same) then the most suitable cover is likely to be ‘level’ term insurance which also stays the same. If a mortgage is ‘repayment’ which means it goes down over time then the FSA favours ‘decreasing’ cover which more >

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Lucy: ‘Oh I’d love to be your trustee. It would be an honour. What time shall I come over?’ Sarah: ‘Well Catherine and Sally are getting here for about 2.30 and don’t forget to bring cake!’ 2.30 arrives, pleasantries are dispensed and the ladies sit down to talk shop: Sarah: ‘OK, so Simon and I are in the process of getting our life insurance up to date since we took out a bigger mortgage for the extension and our adviser has talked to us about putting the policy in ‘trust’ Catherine: ‘Is that like setting up a trust fund for more >

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Insurers have until December 21st 2012 to remove gender based pricing. Will this mean they have to ignore statistics just because they could be considered gender specific? ‘Statistically’ (based on factual evidence) women live longer and young men have more car accidents. Will these facts have to be ignored? If you’d like to pick the ruling to pieces and try to find out what the likely impact will be, you can find it here: Search for Case Ref: C-236/09 When it comes to the provision of healthcare section (12) states: ‘differences between men and women in the provision of more >