Date:3 June 2011 I Comments: 1 I Views:9,536

This is one of those ‘quick update’ posts. I haven’t written anything for a few weeks and I thought I ought to write something but I haven’t found the time (and perhaps the focus) to write anything meaty about one particular subject. Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware that plenty has been going on in the world. America’s recovery is slowing down, vehicle recovery firms in the UK are deathly quiet because people just aren’t out on the roads thanks to fuel costs and high inflation (has anyone else noticed it seems much quiter on the roads? – and more >

Date:10 July 2007 I Comments: 0 I Views:6,715

The headline: Burping cows ‘harming environment’ The first line: Cows could be doing more damage to the environment than four-wheel-drive cars, scientists have warned. The full story: And also, BBC News: Experts claim cows are responsible for about 3% of Britain’s greenhouse gases!   Come on guys! Keep up, I blogged that over a month ago! :) more >

Date:12 May 2007 I Comments: 0 I Views:4,930

This wordpress just keeps getting better and better… I started looking for a ’email this post’ plugin and naturally, there was one! Simply entitled WP-Email. So easy to use like most wordpress plugins. Just upload the files, activate, insert a snippet of php and done! One thing to remember when downloading zip files: once downloaded, navigate to the file, right click and select ‘unblock’ (if you try this and don’t see ‘unblock’ I’m guessing you don’t need to worry!) otherwise Windows wont let you move the folder around. On the same page as WP-Email there are a host of other more >

Date:26 February 2007 I Comments: 1 I Views:8,487

For any would be website owner wether it be professional, personal or otherwise, be sure to pick a good solid, reputable host. I didn’t for a few of my sites. I only needed a small amount of space and not a lot of bandwidth so I hunted around for a reseller account so I could host multiple accounts. I found a company in the US that offered masses of space and an ulimited number of accounts/email/sql etc…. for $50/year…. Yep, that’s cheap and you get what you pay for! are rubbish. In the first month their servers were hacked more >

Date:17 February 2007 I Comments: 1 I Views:9,225

UKMoneyPot after only a very brief spell online is already in the news! And not just the news but the Financial Times no less. In an article about the rise in the number of personal finance blogs in the UK. To be fair I was shocked when approached but the reality is there are still only a small number of UK personal finance blogs which made mine easier to come by. I was also fortunate to be granted a mention of my other site which ties in nicely with the fact that I’ve just completed updating it (although more >

Date:16 February 2007 I Comments: 3 I Views:5,480

About 2 years ago, my main website (yes, all mine, just me…) was ranking really well on Google and it did consistently for quite a while beforehand too. Then Google made some changes and my site got booted out of the listing for no apparent reason. I had done nothing different to my competition. But that’s actually another story. Speaking of competition however, when I was ranking on Google, I was consistently battling for spaces in the top 5 results with the site Now when my site got unfairly dismissed from the results, remained. Just today I stumbled more >

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If you look hard enough you can fiind anything online! Even elusive snippets of code to customise your wordpress admin area. I’m building a site using lots of templates so I’ve got more editing control locally so I wanted to list my templates dropdown list in the wordpress admin area in alphabetical order. I searched and only found one unanswered post on the subject. I dug a littel deeper and found this page: It reveals a snippet of code: ksort($templates); You have to insert it in the admin_functions.php file in the wp_admin folder near the page_template_dropdown function. I’ve more >

Date:19 January 2007 I Comments: 0 I Views:6,505

Having conducted a preliminary search for UK finance blogs I can conclude that the results have not proven very fruitfull. Yes there are a few UK loan blogs and well, that’s about it! Most of the blogs don’t seem to have adopted the ‘community’ based interaction with other bloggers and I barely noticed a blogroll on any of the ones I found. Nearly all of them are marketing exercises aimed at gaining further exposure to their core website and to a point, mine is too but I was hoping for more of a ‘communal’ spirit about the whole business. I’ve listed a more >

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One thing that could make any wordpress bloggers life easier is quite simply Especially if you are new to blogging and web design stuff, it’s got to be your first port of call when trying to customise or modify your blog or template. It’s full of links to templates and almost every possible variable is broken down and explained. If you want to display something, change the way a list of links is displayed or anything for that matter there is a search facility that will find almost everything you need to know. You might have to be really specific more >