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Interesting news article suggests: a low borrowing rate gave false impression of HBOS solvency Angry Lloyds shareholders say the Libor scandal is more proof they were mislead into voting to take over HBOS. They have instructed lawyers to incorporate in their claim against Lloyds TSB directors the allegation that they knew that HBOS’s real interest rates were not being quoted at the very time that the directors of Lloyds TSB were recommending a merger with the stricken bank. Lloyds Action Now (LAN) has been campaigning for the past three years for compensation for the 800,000 private shareholders who lost up more >

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UK based savers searching for the best savings rates for their money should first make sure that they’re taking advantage of their ISA (Individual Savings Account) allowance. While interest earned from money in an instant access savings account is taxable, cash ISAs offer the opportunity for tax-free savings – up to a point. The current limit for cash ISAs sits at £5,100 per person per tax year – and it’s worth filling that wherever possible as unused allowances don’t roll over to the following year. You can add to your ISA in chunks throughout the year as many times as more >

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Second post of the day and I have to admit that not much work has gone into this one either. Reason being, if you type ‘junior’ into Google at the moment the top suggestion that drops down is ‘junior isa’. It’s a bit of a hot topic and there’s plenty of buzz. What started me wanting to write something was an email I received from the IFS. I’m working through some exams with them (passed one a week ago today!) so I get regular news and updates and they have released the following: London, U.K., 28 November, 2010: Financial education more >

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This is an article I’ve been sent so apologies if you’ve read it somewhere else. There is no doubt the cash machine has had a massive impact on the way we access and ultimately spend cash across the world and so respect is most definitely due. ‘Tribute Paid to Cash Machine Inventor’ – Good one! Wish I’d thought of that… And the facts are quite interesting too! 20,000 cash machine transactions in a single minute! -> John Shepherd-Barron, the man credited with inventing the world’s first cash machine, has died at the age of 84. Mr Shepherd-Barron’s invention has transformed more >

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As a customer of Barclays I can only comment on what I know although it may be the case that other banks have already put measures in place to placate the masses regarding bank charges. Barclays have introduced a ‘reserve amount’ in addition to the pre-agreed overdraft limit to act as a buffer. Mine’s £250 in addition to a £1000 overdraft. This means I can go overdrawn by £1250. Instead of being charged a fee of £30 (if I go over my overdraft limit and don’t clear it the same day), I will only get charged £22 per 5 day period more >

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It’s all over the news and I heard Martin Lewis ( getting quite emotional on the radio today about unlawful bank charges. Of course we’d all love to have totally fee free banking and yes it’s true banks don’t only make money by charging fees. Here’s an informative thread on the forum The recent events focus primarily on overdraft charges that are imposed when a customer exceeds their agreed limit. If banks didn’t do something when people exceed their limits some might become more irresponsible with their spending knowing they wouldn’t be penalised. Is it fair to let more >

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In changing times when the interest rate is rising and is said to continue doing so, it pays to know where you stand. Keeping an eye on the Bank of England base rate can give you some idea of trends and so can keeping updated on inflation and inflation reports. So where can you go to keep updated? The answer is quite simple really. It’s all there where you would expect it to be. Spewing forth from the proverbial horse’s mouth! You can even subscribe to email alerts for the facts as and when they happen. If you currently have savings in more >

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I originally intended to send to my bank a copy of the letter on my previous post, the letter for reclaiming bank charges. I reviewed my recent statements, totaled up the charges I felt were unlawful based on information I found at thisismoney. I also noted the dates on which these charges occurred. I then realised I didn’t know the correct address to send the letter so I called my bank to ask them. While I was on the phone I asked the assistant if he could help me with the claim or if I had to send the letter. more >

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So here it is. The letter that could help get your bank charges repaid to you. There’s been a lot of hype about this recently and I’m actually about to give it a try for myself. Replace required sections with your own details:   Dear Sir/Madam, Ref: account number: (your account number) I understand that the charges applied to my account in relation to the following (enter details of what charges were for) are unlawful. When I opened my account I entered into a contract with you, at which time you agreed to act lawfully. The fees you have been more >