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I have BT broadband for business and recently I found certain emails were not being delivered.

I checked with my host, tried sending email from addresses in different hosting locations and had no luck.

I could receive email from these people but not send it and I kept getting the same delivery error message.

I discovered the error message (550 Rule Imposed Mailbox Access) was consistent with SPAM software known as MailMarshall. I also discovered MailMarshall auomatically updates itself from known ’email blacklists’.

Naturally I was concerned when I entered my IP address into an ’email blacklist’ checker and found my IP listed with SORBS, a well known email blacklist company.

The reason my IP is listed is because I send email via a ‘private mail server using a dynamic IP address. Mail sent using my mail server gets directed through a dynamic IP something like: and because the two are different, it could potentially be spam!

So how to fix it? Well, BT broadband abuse team told me I could try turning my router off for an hour and I should get assigned a new IP address (the old ‘turn it off and on again’ trick). This did not work.

I left my router off all night and when I turned it on I was assigned a new IP address but this was ALREADY listed with SORBS!

SORBS must have literally thousands of BT IP addresses on its database.

One simple straightforward solution is to pay more money. It’s possible to pay BT another £5/month for a ‘satic IP address’ which will solve the problem.

Another solution that only costs time is to change the outgoing mailserver settings so instead of using I need to use

If I use and use my own domain name ie., I also need to let BT know what is otherwise their system wont let me send any mail from it!

If you’ve experienced a similar problem, some useful contact details are below.

BT Abuse Team.

These guys are very helpful and know all about this poblem and they’ve known about for well over a year. (strangely, other BT broadband divisions claim they’ve never heard of it! Funny that.) – 0870 243 0209

If you use and need to notify BT of your URL you need to call:

0845 600 7020


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