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I recently had to arrange an overdraft facility for my business account. To cut a long story short, a 2 month trial for a 12 month marketing campaign was so unresponsive I chose not to go ahead and not to start making the required monthly payments.

So understandably I wasn’t too pleased when the first payment was taken from my account! (This was not a cheap campaign but would have paid for itself if effective.)

It was coming up to the end of the month and other debtors were a bit late so as a precaution I approached the bank for a temporary overdraft.

It costs £150 to set up a short term overdraft the likes of which people may require in the event of an emergency.

To have a standard overdraft in place takes the same amount of time to set up and costs £25 per quarter and you can cancel it after a few months if you don’t need it.

My business manager was kind enough to point this out so you can imagine which option I chose.

Learn more about factoring, a great alternative to a bank overdraft – visit the Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance website.

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