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On a couple of my finance sites I display a 728×90 ‘leaderboard’ Google adwords ad.

These display 4 or 5 sponsored results. (see example on

In the finance world, people pay an arm and a leg to appear at the top of the sponsored results and subsequently within the top few results that are rotated within these ‘leaderboards’.

More recently I have noticed some of the major financial institutions monopolising the entire ad!

Just one advert dedicated to one advertiser across the entire 728×90 leaderboard so it looks like a large banner inĀ full colour and with graphics!

How is this fair?

People that are paying top dollar for top listed sponsored results are clearly missing out!

These large adverts are appearing when before there would be 4 sponsored results. No matter which way you look at it, the more full sized ads that are displayed, the less the smaller ads get shown.

Who is winning?

Google methinks…. and those with vulgar marketing budgets….

Who was it that once thought Google were the good guys? It’s all about the money…. They may appear to smile while they take your money but they still take it…

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  1. You’re right – there is an awful lot of money being spent on Adwords by financial institutions, and I think in a lot of cases the ROI isn’t really worth the expense, but when you’ve got massive marketing and branding budgets then it probably isn’t an issue (us smaller advertisers suffer though!).

    With regards to Google making more on those ads which have just one advertiser – one benefit to you might be that you’d make more money from them if someone clicks on them.