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So you’ve hit the Big 50 which immediately makes you eligible to consider an over 50’s plan. Great! Insurance without the hassle of lengthy forms and no prying medical questions! Nice and simple. But possibly expensive and with less cover available than other options. The two options being looked at here are: Over 50 plans The idea of an over 50 plan is to provide life cover until you die, whenever that may be. It is not medically underwritten so acceptance is usually guaranteed. Key points to be aware of: Cover is usually restricted to a pre-set maximum amount (usually 10’s more >

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When it comes to choosing a life insurance plan to protect your family it’s tempting to primarily look for a low-cost option. After all, this is a premium that you’re likely to be paying for many years and possibly the rest of your life so you don’t want to tie yourself in to something overpriced. However, sometimes low-cost premiums can be misleading, and if you’re not confident in what you’re looking for, you could end up out of pocket. Here are a few of the other factors you should consider before you take out a policy. Inflation Inflation is a more >

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I’m not just talking about using a mortgage calculator to work out what the monthly payments will be but how to make use of a calculator that shows the ‘amortization’ or monthly & yearly breakdown of payments and balance as well as the difference an overpayment could make. Anybody who has any exposure to mortgages will know there are several options available which include fixed rate deals, trackers or lender’s ‘standard variable rates’. Fixed deals last for a set number of years and for those set years the interest rate stays the same. Tracker deals may offer an interest rate that more >