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What to do About Energy Price Rises

Find in Household Bills & Expenses August 23rd, 2011 - 9,809 views

Shop around! I did and I found gas for about half the price of British Gas – with no standing charges! What’s more, I know what the price will be after a forthcoming rise and it’s still nearly half the price of BG who haven’t even put their prices up yet! So the story goes; I’ve […]

Blink and Miss History – It’s Eye Opening!

Find in General August 10th, 2011 - 8,733 views

In times of economic uncertainty, people striving to make a living can so easily bury themselves in work and while getting engrossed by work is a sure-fire way of getting things done, in this fast paced world in which we live it also means we may not be paying attention to everything else that’s going on around us. […]

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