Date:25 June 2010 I Comments: 2 I Views:9,818

How do credit card companies manage to offer 0% interest rates? I haven’t spoken to any credit card companies about this so this is purely speculative but I would imagine they borrow funds at a set interest rate for a set term. They then take on new customers at 0% in the knowledge that some of those customers will not clear their cards each month and will make purchases as well as transferring balances at 0%. These customers get charged a much higher rate of interest than the rate at which the card companies have actually borrowed the funds which subsequently covers the more >

Date:16 June 2010 I Comments: 2 I Views:11,422

Unemployment is still rising and currently stands at 2.47 Million or 7.9% of the working population. In the last quarter another 23,000 people found themselves out of work. Many have been out of work for months already and are still struggling to find a steady source of income and the indication is that things are going to get worse. For some this has been seen as an opportunity to make life changing decisions and dedicate time and effort into a complete change of direction by pursuing or studying for a new career. I would always encourage somebody to do whatever it is they more >

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Every now and again bloggers can be found using the internet for their own personal gain. And why not. The internet is massive, the marketing potential is huge and the target audience is sometimes ready made and although the internet is really about information there is no doubt it’s also a great money spinner. Therefore, having recently inherited a small business that requires a little TLC I thought I’d try to boost its online presence slightly by writing a little article with a touch of search engine marketing thrown in: Since 1978 my Uncle had a small bookkeeping practice. For more >