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Now a millionaire doesn’t necessarily have to have £1 million in the bank. It’s possible to be considered a millionaire if you own assets like a house/yacht/racehorse that are worth a million or so. Owning a house worth £1 million or more with a mortgage of £750,000 doesn’t technically make you a millionaire until the mortgage is paid off or the house goes up in value and the mortgage goes down. And when a house already worth £1 million or more goes up in value, it does so by the same percentage as the average house (roughly speaking) so the more >

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This is an article I’ve been sent so apologies if you’ve read it somewhere else. There is no doubt the cash machine has had a massive impact on the way we access and ultimately spend cash across the world and so respect is most definitely due. ‘Tribute Paid to Cash Machine Inventor’ – Good one! Wish I’d thought of that… And the facts are quite interesting too! 20,000 cash machine transactions in a single minute! -> John Shepherd-Barron, the man credited with inventing the world’s first cash machine, has died at the age of 84. Mr Shepherd-Barron’s invention has transformed more >

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……..and, they’re gone. HIPs are no longer required when selling a house. Did they make much difference while they were around? It’s possible a number of houses remain unsold due to a poor energy rating (although the hole in the roof was obvious) and they will stay that way because Energy Performance Certificates are still required. EPC’s were about the only useful piece of information in a HIP although the sustainability information required for newly built properties is quite interesting for today’s environmentally conscious homebuyer. EPC’s are provided by accredited energy assessors and should cost around £100 for an average sized house but the more >

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Online food shopping is not a new thing but it is most definitely a growth sector with more and more people seeing the benefits. In fact, in January the news predicted online food shopping will double in five years. Personally I think this is an underestimate because there are so many advantages and once people are comfortable with the concept they will do it again and again. Some of the major benefits of online food shopping: 1/ Ordering shopping from the comfort of your own home – no need to fill the car up with kids, struggle with parking, push a trolley more >