Date:28 January 2010 I Comments: 4 I Views:10,360

I don’t have an iPhone. I know people who do but I am used to having a half decent camera with a flash on my phone and I couldn’t convince myself that all the other features of the iPhone outweighed the lack of a decent camera. So I went for the HTC HD2 which some people have dubbed an ‘iPhone Killer’ but mostly by people who don’t like the thought of any one product being so popular. And now the news of the launch of Apple’s iPad. There’s a really good review and demo here: Personally I don’t really see more >

Date:22 January 2010 I Comments: 5 I Views:8,586

I wasn’t going to write this as its after 8pm on a Friday and I really should pack up for the day but as I went to shut down I went to close the website I was researching and thought, what the hell. Over the last few months, fixed mortgage rates have been gradually creeping down and now deals are available from around 3% with plenty of other offers between 3% and 4%. Sounds good but all of the best rates on the market are for 2 year offers. If you, like many others fear interest rates will rise in more >

Date:7 January 2010 I Comments: 2 I Views:8,247

In what has been described as a “landmark” ruling by newspaper The Mail, a judge has awarded damages of over £130,000 to a property developer after an unnamed buy-to-let investor pulled out of a deal to buy two flats in a Plymouth city centre new-build. The 122-unit development has been plagued with troubles since the onset of the property crash, with just 18 flats sold so far and the remaining having to be let out by the developer, Prestige Homes South West. However, the group’s victory in court has no doubt helped their plight. Since Prestige Homes won the case more >