Date:16 December 2009 I Comments: 2 I Views:8,251

And so it is that the world we live in has reached an historic turning point. This is a matter of such Global proportions that no living soul can ignore it and maintain a clean conscience. Consumerism and capitalism have failed us all and so as a RACE we must make a decision. Do we wait for our governments to tell us we have to take action? If we look back over history many of the problems of the present have been caused by government legislation and twisted politics that have been all about power and not about wellbeing. For more >

Date:3 December 2009 I Comments: 6 I Views:8,318

I became qualified to provide mortgage and protection advice in late 2007. It’s been quite a ride. When mortgage business started to dry up I focused more on protection such as life insurance, income protection etc. (The percentage of mortgage advisers who don’t even discuss how to protect the debt is staggering! Which is probably one of the reasons why a lot of people don’t appreciate how important it is.) I have a mortgage, I have life cover. I am one of those people that just feels a lot more comfortable knowing that if I died the debt would be more >