Date:22 September 2009 I Comments: 1 I Views:15,188

Inheritance Tax. Sadly, a large number of people in the UK will never have to worry about inheritance tax because of the Government threshold. I mean that in the sense that it would be nice if we were all in a position to need advice on the matter! From the 6th of April 2009 this threshold became £325,000 per person. If a person dies with assets valued at above £325,000 then tax is charged on the amount above the £325,000 figure. i.e. Mr. A. dies with: House – £200,000 Savings – £100,000 Shares – £50,000 Total – £350,000 Minus the more >

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Although 100% mortgage lending for first time buyers is either a log way away from ever happening again or will never happen again, 90% mortgages have typically been considered the route to home ownership for many. Despite the existence of 90% mortgages the number of options have been greatly reduced by the financial crisis, partly due to some lenders removing themselves from high LTV lending practices or closing their doors to new lending altogether but also due to lenders ‘cherry picking’ customers despite offering deals which attract a large number of enquiries. But lenders should see an opportunity arising. A recent report more >