Date:17 March 2009 I Comments: 3 I Views:8,852

Isn’t it a good thing that credit card companies are finally going to be stopped from increasing their customers credit limits without consent! It’s like a breath of fresh air after a crazy time of money madness. I’ve had the letters: ‘we’re happy to say we’ve increased your credit limit’. My initial thought has always been ‘that’s nice’ and then it’s forgotten and the card stays in the drawer with even more credit available. The ideal use of a credit card is one of convenience though, not credit. Use it to buy everything and then clear the balance each month with your more >

Date:13 March 2009 I Comments: 3 I Views:26,820

Pondering the news one day I asked a friend, ‘how do people get into organised crime?’ His response was ‘Plan it?’. And getting started at anything requires a similar approach. Share trading isn’t quite organised crime although it’s not short of the odd criminal and in the current economic climate it could be argued it isn’t always organised! But if there is something you want to do, you need to find out as much as you can about it before you do it and something that involves parting with money you could easily lose requires very careful consideration. This global recession is sparking interest in share more >

Date:10 March 2009 I Comments: 4 I Views:10,787

While promoting a healthy society is a good thing, life insurance companies are making more money from people who don’t fit into ‘ideal’ parameters. Increasingly they are ‘loading’ customer’s monthly premiums on the basis of ‘Body Mass Index‘. Body Mass Index is a calculation which determines if a person is either underweight, ideal weight, overweight or obese. There is science to back this up as an indicator of health because it has been proven that overweight and obese people are more at risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses. However according to the BBC website and Dr Rob Hicks ‘BMI alone more >