Date:12 December 2008 I Comments: 2 I Views:7,942

No-one can deny that upheaval in the banking sector and dramatic base rate cuts by the Bank of England suggest tough times ahead. Thousands of workers face redundancy, a bleak outlook for Christmas and probably not a particularly happy New Year. Rates have been cut in an attempt to stimulate a faltering economy but public confidence is out of the window and people are reported to be tightening the purse strings. But there is opportunity for some to start taking advantage of very low mortgage rates. The problem is these opportunities are only available to consumers considered to be ‘low more >

Date:5 December 2008 I Comments: 1 I Views:8,927

As the global financial crisis continues to erode consumer confidence and the prospect of facing redundancy looms ever closer for many UK workers you could be forgiven for thinking sales of income protection would increase. Many factors however can curtail an immediate uptake of new protection policies. For instance if the threat of redundancy is already known about cover is not likely to be offered and many Accident, Sickness & Unemployment (ASU) insurance policies also have a clause preventing any claims during the first 90 days. This would indicate that unemployment cover is something people should consider having regardless of the state of the more >