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Tiered Mortgage Rates Not Helping

Find in Mortgages August 28th, 2008 - 7,534 views

Quite a few mortgage lenders have started offering tiered mortgage rates. Preferential rates are available to people with low ‘loan-to-value’ mortgages. eg. Your house is worth £200,000 & your mortgage is £150,000. 150,000/200,000 x 100 = 75% The mortgage is at 75% loan-to-value. People starting out on the property ladder (all 3 of them!) may […]

Bank of England Historical Base Rate – See the Rates & Trends of the Past

Find in General August 8th, 2008 - 31,691 views

There are numerous places on the internet where historical Base Rate information can be found but I recently discovered a page on a site that shows the Bank of England base rate trends since 1997 in a nice and simple rate graph. Did you know in 1998 rates were as high as 7.5%? …and in […]

Why Do Eggs Cost More?

Find in Household Bills & Expenses August 7th, 2008 - 6,258 views

Recently eggs have increased in price in some supermarkets and I initially had some difficulty understanding why. If all our eggs were imported I could understand because the cost of fuel involved in transporting them would surely have an effect but when the majority of eggs sold in supermarkets supposedly come from local farms to support […]

Mortgage Rates Creep Further South

Find in Mortgages August 7th, 2008 - 5,407 views

More news today as mortgage lenders continue to lower rates. Abbey this time announcing a reduction of 0.1% on certain Tracker products and Halifax announcing this week a reduction of up t 0.38% on one of their 2 year fixed offers. (Oh, and not in the news yet, Nationwide are going to follow suit on […]

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