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Stepping away slightly from the recent vein of posts back into the ‘SEO’ aspect of the blog, I had an epiphany regarding the title setup of my wordpress blog. It’s probably an important piece of information to anyone that hasn’t done it but way well also be something other people have been doing for years. If you write a post it’s probably because you want people to read it therefore it makes sense to try and optimise it slightly while composing the content. Use the ‘key phrase’ a few times without making the content read as though it’s obviously crammed more >

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A mortgage is a debt. There is no disputing the fact but it is a debt many people look at differently to credit cards, car loans and unsecured loans. The reason for this is because of the size and timescale. 25 years is a long time to be paying off the debt and because of the size of the loan it wouldn’t be affordable for many people if it was over a shorter period. Use this simple: > Mortgage Overpayment Calculator An unsecured personal loan paid off over 3 years has the end in sight at the time of taking it out more >

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As a customer of Barclays I can only comment on what I know although it may be the case that other banks have already put measures in place to placate the masses regarding bank charges. Barclays have introduced a ‘reserve amount’ in addition to the pre-agreed overdraft limit to act as a buffer. Mine’s £250 in addition to a £1000 overdraft. This means I can go overdrawn by £1250. Instead of being charged a fee of £30 (if I go over my overdraft limit and don’t clear it the same day), I will only get charged £22 per 5 day period more >